GBP on track with bike riding Doc!

The GBP were proud to be a part of the University of Bolton’s graduation ceremony and in particular looking after the brilliant Bolton world cycling champion and 3 times Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny who received an honorary doctorate. Dressed in the traditional graduation gown and hat for the ceremony Jason said it was a really proud moment in his life. And, just as they had been for his triumphs at the London Olympics, his family were there to see Jason become a Dr of Science. The University of Bolton described him as the perfect role model for young people.

The GBP organised the publicity side of things for the University in association with their comms team and were delighted to see full coverage of Jason’s big moment on BBC TV throughout the day, BBC radio and on Granada TV.

Jason told the GBP before he left the celebrations to head off to France to race that it was a very special day in his life and one he would always remember and treasure.