Poor communication, an unfortunate phrase from a company spokesperson, the inability to confidently handle media questions or looking uncomfortable under pressure can all lead to a disastrous outcome for your company’s image, profile and reputation.

Media awareness and media training has never been more important and the positive use of social media never more vital. So make sure your company and your personnel are properly equipped to present your business in its most positive light.

The Gordon Burns Partnership can help you deal confidently and convincingly with media attention and learn how to make positive use of all forms of media to promote the image and aspirations of your company.

No one knows better how the media works in all its forms. We will show you how to manage it, cope with it and use it positively. We will prepare special challenging scenarios relating to your own business and give you the experience of reacting to them in the full glare of the media spotlight.

And all of our training takes place in the very heart of Media City UK, now one of the most important broadcast centres in the country, at the state-of-the-art, digital recording studios of the University of Salford.

media2TV studio

We familiarise you with studio cameras, lights, floor managers, and the tight time constraints of a busy TV schedule. Feel what it’s like to be grilled by a professional interviewer, how to deal with tough questions, how to get your message across and how to appear calm, controlled and confident.

TV down-the-line

We teach you to deal with the most difficult broadcast interview situation, talking straight down the lens of a camera to an interviewer in a remote studio firing questions through an uncomfortable and frequently ill-fitting earpiece, often with satellite delay – and you can’t see your interviewer!

Radio interviews

We help you understand the different techniques required for a live radio broadcast, sitting with a presenter, surrounded by microphones, headphones and knowing what to say when the red light goes on and you are live.

And you will feel the immediacy of radio through a live telephone interview on a breaking news story.

Press conferences

We will show you how to prepare and organise a press conference. Then you will face a gallery of news reporters and photographers each with their own agenda and quick-fire questions.

Social media

Millions of messages are posted each day on social networking sites. Learn how to use the power of this fast growing medium to get your message out there and read by a vast audience but we warn of the pitfalls too.

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Let us help you become totally savvy, confident and positive with the media scene. Let us give you the most realistic experience possible and provide you with all important feedback, analysis and advice. Contact us now for further details and a price quotation. Alternatively, you can email us us at